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Lord of the Rings Locations

New Zealand parades its majestic scenery in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. All over the country you can find screen-famous places; Amon Hen, Lothlorien, the Pelennor Fields, Edoras, Isengard and even Hobbiton!

This map is of the South Western part of the South Island, and shows but a few of the filming locations in the area.

Middle Earth - New Zealand Map

Great East Rd - Tarras, Wanaka
Where the Ringwraiths chased Arwen and Frodo on their flight to the Ford of Bruinen

Isengard - Glenorchy
This is where Weta Workshop worked their magic to create the massive computer generated Tower of Orthanc and its Isen.

Lothlorien Woods - Paradise, Glenorchy
The Golden Wood, inhabited by the Silvan elves after they crossed the misty mountains and the Anduin River.

Dunharrow - Greenstone Station, Kinloch
A refuge of the Rohirrim in the White Mountains, near the entrance to the Paths of the Dead.

Anduin River - Kawarau River
The Pillars of Argonath sit on the Anduin River marking Gondor’s border.

Amon Hen - Closeburn Station
Where the Fellowship was split during battle at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Nen Hithoel - Mavora Lake
The Fellowship made camp at Parth Galen, beside Nen Hithoel, a large lake on the River Anduin. When Boromir was killed his body was floated into Nen Hithoel and which led him home down the Anduin River.

Dead Marshes - Kelper Mire, Te Anau
The ancient battlefield outside of Mordor, where the bodies of men, elves, and dwarves were laid to rest, their spirits form ghostly images in the waters.

Dimrill Dale - The Remarkables
The western exit from the dwarven mines of Moria, where the Fellowship camped after the loss of Gandalf.

Ford of Bruinen - Arrow River, Near Arrowtown
The only crossable part of the Brunien river, where Arwen called a flood in the form of horses, killing the physical forms and the horses of the Ringwraiths.

To Rivendell - Lake Manapouri
The landscape south of Rivendell is strikingly beautiful, yet steep and rugged. Lake Manapouri is a glorious Fiordland landscape. The area South of Rivendell is hard to navigate, and portrays the mystique and beauty of the Elves.

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